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Employee-Specific Leave Management

Payroll administrators can access the employee leave dashboard by going to Employees. After selecting a specific employee, click on Leave. You will then be able to record leave, set up an employee’s entitlement policy, add leave adjustments and capture leave take-on balances.

For more information on the above aspects, please refer to the following articles:

Employee-Specific Entitlement Policies

This section assumes that any required company-wide custom entitlement policies and settings have already been configured. For more information on how to create company-wide leave entitlement policies and how to determine / set up the effective dates of these policies, please see:

The following process should be followed to edit the entitlement policies of a particular employee:

    • Go to Employees.
    • On the particular employee’s profile, go to Leave > Entitlement Policies.
    • You can then activate the entitlement policy for the specific employee by clicking Edit. If you select the policy that is set as the company default under leave settings, (company default) will be displayed next to the policy.
    • Click Add Entitlement Policy Range.
    • Enter the appropriate effective dates (i.e the period in which this employee “qualifies” for this entitlement). You could also leave one of the fields blank if it is not applicable. For example, you could enter an Effective From date but leave the Effective Until field blank. Then, the policy will be effective indefinitely from the Effective From date.
    • Select the relevant entitlement policy from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Create.

Remember that you will only edit this if the default entitlement policy does not apply to the employee.

Activity Per Cycle

It is possible to view an employee’s leave balances, number of leave days taken, leave adjustments and any future leave days that have been scheduled. All amounts on a payslip will be year-to-date amounts. Leave balances can be viewed in the following way:

    • Go to Employees.
    • On the particular employee’s profile, go to Leave > Activity.
    • All the different leave types are displayed under Activity Per Cycle, with the details of annual leave being displayed by default.
    • Click on any of the leave types to display their balances.
  • You can also scroll through the employee’s different leave cycles by using the arrows on the sides of the date field or by using the drop-down.

Please note that the leave balances displayed on this screen are year to date balances up to the date of viewing the screen, including any future scheduled leave. On the other hand, the payslip shows year to date leave balances up to the end of the particular month. Therefore, the respective balances will usually not correspond.