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Sick Leave

An employee who is covered by the EA is entitled to paid sick leave if the following three requirements are met:

  1. They have been employed for at least three months;
  2. They have informed / attempted to inform the employer of their absence within 48 hours – if this is not done, the employee will be deemed absent without permission; and
  3. The sick leave is certified by any doctor.

The number of days of paid outpatient* leave that an employee is entitled to depends on the duration of their employment, starting at five days after three months’ service and increasing by three days per month to reach a maximum of 14 days after six months’ service.

*Note: this refers only to leave taken where no hospitalisation was necessary.

As leave cycles and entitlements on the system are based on employees’ appointment dates, please ensure that these are entered correctly. For more information about how to enter / change an employee’s date of appointment, please go to:

Hospital Leave

The requirements for hospital leave are the same as those mentioned above.

As above, the number of days of hospital leave to which an employee is entitled depends on the duration of their service to the employer. After three months’ service an employee is entitled to 15 days hospital leave per year; this increases monthly by 15 days per month to reach a maximum of 60 days a year after 6 months’ service.

Note: An employee is deemed to be hospitalised if they are certified by a doctor to be in need of hospitalisation – they do not necessarily need to be warded in hospital.

The amount of outpatient and hospitalisation leave to which an employee is entitled is capped at their maximum sick leave entitlement i.e. 60 days a year for someone employed for more than 6 months. For example, if an employee, employed for more than six months, has taken 12 days of outpatient leave, they are entitled to only 48 days of hospitalisation leave (60 – 12).

For more information, including a list of approved public medical institutions, please see the MOM website.

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