Payroll Setup > Company Setup > Employer Filing Details

Before you can do IR8A submissions to IRAS with SimplePay, you have to complete your filing details. Go to Settings > Employer Filing Details. Select your Organisation ID Type from the first drop-drop menu and fill in the rest of the required information. If you participate in the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS), select the checkbox to ensure that the IR8As for your employees are generated correctly. Then click Save.

Please note: When entering the organisation UEN ID type, you should ensure that your organisation type corresponds with your UEN ID number.

There are three types of organisation ID:

  • A UEN – Local Business ID number has the following format: ‘NNNNNNNNC’. It has 9 characters: 8 numbers and a check digit. An example of a valid UEN Local Business ID would be 78978989D.
  • A UEN – Local company ID number has the following format: ‘YYYYNNNNNC’. It has 10 characters: 9 numbers, 4 of which represent a year, and a check digit. An example of this would be 200712345D.
  • A UEN – Other ID number is usually issued to foreign companies and has the following format: ‘TYYPQNNNNC’ or ‘SYYPQNNNNC’. It has 10 characters: the first is the letter T, the following 2 represent the year of issuance and the following 2 thereafter represent the entity type. Furthermore, it contains 4 numbers and a check digit. An example of a valid UENO ID number would be T08LL4567D.
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