Payroll Setup > Company Setup > GIRO Settings

SimplePay allows you to download a file containing all the information needed to make GIRO salary payments to your employees in bulk. This file can then be loaded into special software provided by your bank, or into internet banking, in the case of certain banks.

Before you can download this file, you have to enter your GIRO settings. Go to Settings > GIRO. Click on the drop-down menu next to GIRO Format to select a GIRO export format. Then complete the rest of your Bank Account Details and click Save.

After you have entered your GIRO settings, you can download the payment file as follows:

  • Go to Pay Runs and click on the EFT icon on the right of your pay run (next to the PDF and Excel icons).
  • Ensure that the Value Date is correct.
  • Certain  GIRO exports require additional inputs:
    •  A Batch Number is a unique reference number used to identify the batch.
    • DBS Ideal (New Interbank GIRO) requires a Company ID which is issued by DBS. This ID is used to login to DBS Ideal. All alphabet characters should be in capital letters.
  • Click on Download.

The file that is generated can then be uploaded to your bank.

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