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Info Update Requests

Employee info update requests allow employees to submit requests to change any of their Basic Info, such as an address, bank account details, email address and selected Custom Employee Fields. The request will need to be approved by an approver before it takes effect on the system. The sections below provide information on the process.

Enable Self-Service

Employees can only submit Info Update Requests if they have been enabled for Self-Service. If you have not yet enabled employees for Self-Service, the following Help Site article can assist:

Approval Groups

Once you have completed the initial Self-Service set up, your employees will be able to submit Info Update Requests online using the same login credentials they do to access their payslips. Employees will be able to start submitting requests immediately; however, these requests can only be actioned once the company’s approval structure has been configured.

Please see the article below for more information on setting up approval groups:

Submitting Requests

For information on how this feature works from the employees’ side, please see the following sections of this Help Site:

Approving / Denying Requests

Once employees have submitted a request, the info update approver (as set up under approval groups above) will need to approve the request. For more information, see the following Help Site article: