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I am having trouble with a bulk upload

Using a malformed / incorrect file is the most common reason for experiencing issues when using the bulk upload functionality. Please ensure that the file you are uploading has the correct structure and / or is in the correct format for the function you are trying to use:

Excel Upload

  • Please ensure that you only use a template originally downloaded from SimplePay
  • When completing the template, please do not alter its structure in any way – i.e. do not add / edit / delete / rearrange any rows or columns
  • Ensure that the information is entered under the correct headings as certain cells are expected to contain certain data types
  • The file needs to be saved in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) format

For more information on our Excel upload option, please see the following article:

Clocking Files

If you are using our Generic CSV option, please ensure that it meets the requirements in the following article:

If you are using any of the other import options with files generated by supported time and attendance software, please ensure that you do not open or edit the file before uploading it.