SimplePay API Terms of Service

  1. SimplePay has created and developed the SimplePay API in order to send and receive data.
  2. The Customer may use the API only as outlined in the SimplePay API Docs.
  3. SimplePay reserves the right to update the API and SimplePay API Docs from time to time, and may add or remove functionality. The Customer will be notified of any changes, additions or removal of functionality.
  4. The Customer must comply in full with these Terms of Service and the SimplePay Terms of Service.
  5. The Customer may submit any ideas for improvement to the SimplePay API. Any submissions are voluntary and without any restrictions for the use of the idea by SimplePay. The Customer also agrees that SimplePay has no fiduciary or any other obligation to the Customer in connection with any idea submitted to SimplePay, and that SimplePay is free to use the ideas without any attribution or compensation to the Customer.
  6. SimplePay reserves the right to introduce usage limits, to which the Customer’s use of the API may be subject.
  7. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Service, the Customer is permitted to use the API at no additional charge over and above the license fees outlined in the SimplePay Terms of Service.
  8. The Customer may not use, nor permit any third party to use, the SimplePay API in a manner that violates any of these Terms of Service.
  9. Third party services who want to integrate their systems with SimplePay should apply to do so via OAuth.
  10. The Customer’s API key should not be shared with any third party. SimplePay will not be held liable for any damages which may arise as a result of an API key being shared.
  11. Abuse of the API may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of the Customer’s access to the API. SimplePay, in our sole discretion, will determine what constitutes as abuse of the API.
  12. SimplePay may suspend or terminate the Customer’s use of the API at any time and for any reason or no reason at all upon notice to the Customer.