Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How long does onboarding take?

Our onboarding process typically takes between 2 to 4 hours, providing a streamlined experience for companies with an employee size of around 30 to 50. We prioritize efficiency and aim to deliver a smooth onboarding journey for all our customers, regardless of their organization's size. Rest assured, we are committed to providing personalised support to meet your unique needs. Should you require any assistance or have specific concerns, our customer support team is always available to address your queries promptly.

SimplePay is a cloud-based payroll system. You therefore do not need to download any programs to use us. This means that you do not need to consider whether SimplePay is compatible with your computer and you also do not need to install regular updates of our system.

Simply log into our website to use us. You will be able to use us immediately, whether you have a Windows computer or Mac. You will also be able to make immediate use of any changes that we have made, including added features and changes to tax legislation.

To learn more about signing up for a free trial, adding your company and more about getting started, refer to the following:

Getting Started

SimplePay is cloud-based, which means that you get access to all the latest data that you have captured, no matter how many users there are or which computer you are accessing SimplePay from. All data is securely stored and backed up by us, therefore you do not need to do regular backups. Read more on our Security Statement.

SimplePay applies the Fair Usage policy, which is utilised internationally by many service providers, such as internet and mobile companies. This means that as per our terms of service, SimplePay reserves the right to charge clients should they abuse the Fair Usage Policy.

SimplePay costs are based on the number of active employees per month, offering a transparent pricing structure with no additional fees for any features. Whether your employees are paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, the cost remains constant for the entire month. You can find out more on our pricing page here.


Is my data safe with SimplePay?

SimplePay uses the strictest of security measures to protect your data. You can find out more in our Security Statement here.

Yes, the SimplePay Employee Self-Service app is available for download on Android and iOS. You can download our app by clicking on the icons in our website footer. The app allows your employees to easily manage leave and claim requests, view their payslips and also access all tax-related documents on the go.

Yes, click here for more information.

We currently integrate with Xero and QuickBooks Online for accounting. SimplePay has also built an API that will allow other systems to integrate with our software. More information is available on our page for developers.

Keeping you Compliant

Does SimplePay keep itself up to date with Singapore's legislative changes that affect payroll?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of Legal Analysts who continuously monitor and stay abreast of all the latest legislative changes in Singapore that impact payroll. By keeping a close eye on updates and amendments to tax laws, labour regulations, and other relevant legislation, SimplePay ensures that our platform remains fully compliant with the latest requirements, providing you with peace of mind and an up-to-date payroll system.

Yes, SimplePay automatically applies the Ordinary Wage (OW) and Additional Wage (AW) ceilings for CPF contributions. SimplePay takes into account any changes to the CPF OW ceiling, including increases in 2023 and beyond, to ensure that your company remains compliant with payroll regulations.

Yes, you can submit the IR8A through SimplePay. You will be able to validate your information and submit the IR8A through SimplePay’s AIS feature with CorpPass.

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