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Product Features

Manage your employees' data, payroll and leave in one simple-to-use product.

Payroll Processing

Say goodbye to payroll complexity! SimplePay automates payroll calculations such as salaries, wages and taxes based on employee data.

Employee Self-Service

The Self-Service feature allows employees to view payslips, submit leave requests and info updates and log claim requests quickly and easily.

Tax Calculations and Filing

SimplePay automates tax calculations based on the latest tax tables and generates the relevant reports for tax compliance and filing.

Leave Management

Simple and paperless - manage leave requests and approvals via Self-Service. Full customisation of entitlement policies and approval structures available.

Employee Database

Effortless management of employee data such as personal and employment information. Enable custom fields and reminders for simplified employee and salary management.

Customisable Pay Structures

Dynamic payroll management allowing variable pay rates, bonuses, commission and allowances for various departments or employee types.

Statutory Compliance

Stay up-to-date with local labour laws and regulations, including automated CPF and SDL contributions, IR8A reporting and Reconciliation reports.

Accounting System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with accounting software such as Xero, Singapore’s most trusted accounting software, to sync payroll data, financial transactions and reporting.

Mobile Access

The cloud-based system allows you to access payslips, manage leave requests and submit claim requests on-the-go via our website or mobile app.

Monthly Reporting

Streamline your monthly reporting with auto-generated CPF returns in PDF and FTP formats.

IRAS Filing Reconciliation Report

Accurate tax remuneration comparison, comprehensive taxable / non-taxable classification and excess CPF contribution detection in one report.

API Integration

API integration enables seamless automation and integration with other systems for enhanced functionality.

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