AIS Offline Application to be Decommissioned after December 2022

Author: Danelle Strydom

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We previously blogged about the Auto Inclusion Scheme’s (AIS) Offline Application, which will be decommissioned after December 2022. We would like to remind our customers that this is the last month to make use of the Offline Application method. More information can be found on IRAS’s website here.

IRAS introduced the AIS to simplify the filing process for employers submitting income tax information for their employees. In line with the AIS, SimplePay supports IR8A e-submissions directly to IRAS for all employers who participate in the AIS. For more information on SimplePay’s streamlined e-submission functionality, visit our help site here

Submissions can alternatively be done manually through the myTax Portal. It is also important to note that it isn’t compulsory for employers to subscribe to AIS if you employ fewer than 5 employees. Once this threshold is reached and your employee count goes above 5, it becomes mandatory to be subscribed to the AIS. 

Due to the submission timeframe running from 6 January until 1 March, employers who are using the AIS Offline Application method will have to change their submission method for the year of assessment 2023.

For further information regarding AIS participation, IRAS’s page can be accessed here.

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