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Integrating Accounting Splits

This section assumes that your Accounting Splits have already been set up. For more information on how to set up your Accounting Splits, please see:

Impact on Accounting Integration

Accounting Splits let you map the payroll items for a particular Accounting Split, according to how you want to associate the various expenses with particular employees and / or departments.  For example, your Basic Salary payroll item can be mapped to Basic Salary – Directors and Basic Salary – Employees.

You will be able to post this information directly to your journal in your accounting system once you have mapped the payroll items according to your company’s structure and needs.

Should you not already use an integrated accounting system, please see the following for more information if you want to make use of the accounting systems supported by SimplePay:

Mapping Accounting Splits

  • Click on Settings > Accounting > Accounting Integration > Pay Run Mapping
  • The Default tab and a tab for each of your Accounting Splits will appear
  • Complete the mapping for the Default tab first before mapping your Accounting Split tabs
  • When mapping each Accounting Split tab, select “Use Default Mapping” under Other from the dropdown menu for payroll items that need to be mapped the same as those mapped in the Default tab
  • For all other Accounting Split tab payroll items, map them according to your requirements
  • Once you have completed the mapping for each tab, click Save
  • After mapping the accounts, you will be able to post the journal to your accounting system in the usual manner
  • This method will result in one journal with multiple lines per item being posted to your accounting system (see illustrated example below)

Illustrated Example

This is what a journal posted to your accounting system might look like. In this example, we have created one Accounting Split for the Directors and have left all other employees as default. It is based on the assumption that all of the payroll items for this split have unique mappings, with the expenses of the Accounting Split for Directors including Basic Salary, CPF, ECF, SINDA, MBMF and SDL Contributions.

The default payroll items for other employees are mapped to one account, with the expenses for the Accounting Split for Directors (Basic Salary, CPF, ECF, SINDA, MBMF and SDL Contributions) mapped to another set of accounts. Should there be additional expense items for the Accounting Split for Directors, they would be mapped in the same way.

Foxglove Studios

AccountDebit SGDCredit SGD
Basic Salary – Directors38,000.00
Basic Salary -Rest of Company57,000.00
SDL – Directors22.50
SDL – Rest of Company55.00
CPF – Directors1,800.00
CPF – Rest of Company4,190.00
Nett Pay88,129.00