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Add a Payslip

In some instances, you may need to make an irregular payment or wish to generate the next period’s payslip early – both of these can be done by clicking on the payslip date drop down menu on an employee’s profile and then selecting Manually Add Payslip.

Add Once-Off Payslip

Once-off payslips should be used in cases where special payments need to be made to an employee. The most common example is payments made on / after termination.

To generate the payslip, enter the date on which you will be paying the employee and click Create.

Please note: only once-off items and Basic Hourly Pay can be added to once-off payslips. This can be done individually or in bulk. For more information on adding items to once-off payslips in bulk, go to:

Bulk Actions

You can also add once-off payslips in bulk. Refer to the following help article:

Bulk Actions > Bulk Add Once-Off Payslips

Add Next Regular Payslip

As a general rule, you should not need to add payslips for regular pay periods as the system automatically generates the next payslip when the current one is finalised. However, if you do need to generate the next regular payslip without finalising the current one, you can do so by clicking Create in this box.