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Monthly Submissions

Employers are required to make monthly payments of CPF contributions for all employees who are Singapore citizens or PRs. Information about these contributions is submitted in the monthly CPF Return.

Firstly, in order to include all payslips, please ensure that all payslips have been finalised. We strongly recommend that you also finalise your CPF Return as part of your month-end procedures – this will allow the system to track changes or additions to payslips in that month and automatically generate updated versions of your submission documents if you need to re-submit. In addition, it will provide you with an audit trail of the changes or additions. Once payslips have been finalised, click on the Filing section (on the left-hand menu).

Monthly CPF Return

This return contains a breakdown of all the CPF, SDL* and SHGF contributions payable for each employee and must be submitted by the end of the calendar month. The CPF awards a grace period of 14 days from the end of the month to submit the return – if the 14th falls on a weekend or public holiday, payment must be made by the next working day. Returns submitted after the grace period will incur penalties and interest.

*SDL amounts must have cents on the individual payslips; however, when the total is reported to the CPF Board each month, the cents will be dropped. An explanation and examples can be found on the CPF Board website.

Note: SimplePay reports the employee’s entire wage for the period in the CPF Return, and not only the value used to calculate employee CPF, even if it is above the Ordinary Wage (OW) and Additional Wage (AW) ceiling.

More information about the various CPF Return components, as well as how to deal with SDL rounding issues, can be found here:

Submitting to the CPF Board

Please ensure that your filing details have been completed before doing your filing by going to Settings > Employer Filing Details.

You can preview your CPF Return and confirm the accuracy of the numbers by going to the Filing section (on the left-hand menu) and clicking on the PDF link.

If all the numbers are correct, click on Finalise. This will remove the stamp saying “Draft” to indicate that the document is now a final document and no longer a draft. You can then download the PDF document and use the information in this document to do manual submissions.

Employers are, however, strongly encouraged to file their returns electronically via the CPF e-Submission service. To do this, click on FTP File and take note of the name of the file* that is generated. This file should be uploaded to the CPF Website.

*You should not try to open or change this file in any way.

Should you want to resubmit your CPF return for the period due to any changes in the employee’s CPF details, you can only resubmit on the same day that you have submitted the initial file. Otherwise, you need to contact the CPF Board directly to be able to make any amendments.