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Employee Basic Info

This report contains a breakdown of general employee information such as names, identifying numbers and important dates. To download the report go to Reports > Employee Basic Info and select the relevant filters / options.

When choosing a Date Range, you can do so either by typing in the start and end dates or by selecting them from the calendar. When selecting dates from the calendar, please ensure that you click a specific day after selecting a month or year.

You can pull the report by Pay Frequency and / or Pay Point by selecting the relevant options. By default they will all be selected. If you are using pay points, there is also an option to Group by Pay Point, which allows to pull the report for the entire company but have the information split by pay point.

You can also choose which Employees to include in the report. Again, by default the “All” option is selected. If you only want a report for one or a few employees, choose the “Selected Employees” option from the drop down menu and tick the names of the employees you’d like to include.

Once you are happy with the parameters you’ve set, click Show Excel to download the report.

If any of the information is incorrect or incomplete, you can correct this by going to the employee’s Basic Info screen or using the Essentials bulk input option. Details on both of these methods are available in the following articles: