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Add API Users

SimplePay provides an API which you can use to integrate with our system.

If you are a developer, or need to grant developer access to integrate with our system’s API, you can generate the API key by creating an API user.

To add an API user, go the User Management screen by clicking on the Profile icon > Manage Users – remember only full Admin access and Account Owner users will have this option.

  • Click Add under the API Users heading.
  • Fill in the requested information:
    • Add the user’s name in the Name field.
    • In the Email (optional) field you may enter the API user’s email address. We will contact you using this email address in the event of a technical API-related query.
    • If necessary, you can limit the API user’s access to specific companies on the system by ticking the box next to Restrict to selected Companies and grant access as required.
    • Click Save.

Once you have created the API user, an API key will be generated. The API user can now access SimplePay’s API.

Please note: Once the API key has been generated, users will need to copy and save it before leaving the page, as they will not be able to view this key again. If the user has lost their API key, a new one must be regenerated.

More information about restricting the access of API users’ are available in the following related section: