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Bulk Finalise and Review Payslips

Finalising payslips allows you to lock in payslip calculations and values for employees for a particular period and generate the next period’s payslip. You are able to finalise your payslips individually and in bulk. This article focuses on bulk finalising payslips.

To finalise payslips in bulk:

  • Click on Pay Runs on the sidebar menu and look under the Pending Pay Runs section for the pay run for which you’d like to finalise payslips. Remember that there will be separate pay runs per pay frequency and pay period.
  • If you would like, you can click on Preview to view all PDF versions of your payslips before finalising them. However, you can also use the Bulk Finalisation page to review payslips.
  • Click Finalise to open the Bulk Finalisation page, which contains a preview of the payslip information for your employees. This is divided into two tables: Payslips Ready for Finalisation, which refers to employees that have previously finalised payslips, and First Payslips, which refers to employees who do not have previously finalised payslips.
  • The table contains columns showing each employee’s name, employee number, pay date and net pay.
  • Use the Pay Point filter to show only employees that belong to a particular pay point. Alternatively, leave it on “All” to include all payslips for this pay frequency.
  • Use the Search function to highlight a particular employee and filter them to the top row in the table.
  • Set the toggles according to the information that you’d like to view:
    • The Show recent activity toggle is enabled by default. This allows you to see a column with the most recent changes made for each employee. Hover over the information icon next to any recent change to see when and by whom the change was made. If you wish to hide this column, disable the toggle.
    • If you have employees with any payslip inputs (e.g. normal and overtime hours worked for hourly paid employees), you’ll see a Show payslip inputs toggle. By default this is disabled. If you enable this, you’ll see new columns added for the various payslip inputs that are applicable to your employees.
  • You can export all the information on this screen to Excel. To do this:
    • Click on the Excel icon next to the Payslips Ready for Finalisation heading.
    • The Excel download will only contain the information shown on the current Bulk Finalise screen, which can change depending on the selected toggles, as mentioned in the previous step.
  • If you’re happy that your payslips are correct, select the employees for whom you’d like to finalise payslips by checking the box next to their name. You can also click on All to finalise the entire batch.
  • Then click the Finalise button at the bottom of the page.

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