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SHARE (Social Help and Assistance Raised by Employees) is a monthly giving programme of Community Chest, the fund-raising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service. On behalf of Community Chest, the CPF Board collects employee’s donations to SHARE from employee’s wages made through the company payroll.

Donations by employees are voluntary and deducted from their wages. 100% of the donations are channelled directly to support critical social service programmes and goes towards:

  • Building strong and resilient families
  • Caring for vulnerable seniors
  • Empowering children with special needs and youth-at-risk
  • Integrating adults with disabilities into society
  • Supporting persons with mental health issues

To add a SHARE donation to a payslip:

  • Go to Employees and select the relevant employee.
  • Click on Add next to Regular Inputs.
  • Select SHARE under Deduction.
  • Enter the employee’s monthly donation and the employer’s monthly donation.
  • Click Save.