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Remove Users

From the User Management screen (the Profile icon > Manage Users), you are able to remove users’ access, either by deactivating or deleting them.

Deactivate a User

Generally, users should be disabled, not deleted. This means they will no longer be able to access the system and can be done by clicking on De-activate next to their details in the users list.

Delete a User

In specific circumstances, you may wish to delete a user instead of simply de-activating their access. This should only be done if the user has never actually worked on the system as deleting a user who was once active will cause audit logs to show “Unknown” instead of the user’s name. You can delete a user by clicking Delete next to their details in the users list.

Other Options

Rather than completely revoking a user’s access, you may want to simply edit the user’s role(s) and restrict their access, which you can do by following the steps in the relevant article below: