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Variance Report

This report allows you to view any variances in each employee’s cost to company, broken down by item and item type, in a given period compared with the previous period.

To download the report go to Reports > Variance Report and select the relevant filters / options.

When selecting the Period, you will need to choose a pay frequency and the period you would like to compare. The period selected (shown as “Selected” on the report) will be compared to the immediately preceding one (shown as “Previous” on the report).

You can pull the report by Pay Point by selecting the relevant options. By default they will all be selected. If you are using pay points, there is also an option to Group by Pay Point, which allows to pull the report for the entire company but have the information split by pay point.

You can also choose which Employees to include in the report. Again, by default the “All” option is selected. If you only want a report for one or a few employees, choose the “Selected Employees” option from the drop down menu and tick the names of the employees you’d like to include.

If you would like to include some of the fields from the employees’ Basic Info, you can do so by clicking Show next to Additional Fields and selecting the information you need.

Once you are happy with the parameters you’ve set, click Show Excel to download the report. We generally recommend using the Excel option.