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Add Users

Go the User Management screen by clicking on the Profile icon > Manage Users – remember only full Admin access and Account Owner users will have this option.

    • Click Add.
  • Fill in the requested information:
      • The Email address entered here will be used as the user’s login.
      • First name and Last name are what will show up in the activity logs.
      • Select the Permission Role* for this user.
      • If you do not wish to give the user’s role full access to the system, tick the box next to Restrict to selected Companies* and grant access as required.
    • Click Save.

*More information on the different permission roles and on restricting the access of users’ roles is available in the following related sections:

The user will receive an e-mail after you’ve added them. Once they click the link in the e-mail, they will be able to choose their own secure password and are then given access to the system.

If at a later stage you need to edit or remove the user, you can do so from the same screen by following the instructions in one of the related sections below: