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Email Payslips

Once you have enabled your employees for self-service, they will be able to log in and view their payslips online.

Any payslips that are part of a created pay run will automatically be released once self-service is enabled. When creating subsequent pay runs, you will be prompted to release payslips to self-service. If you decide not to release them when creating the pay run, you can do so at a later stage – go to Pay Runs, then click on the dropdown arrow next to the pay run date and click on Self-Service Release > Release.

By default, employees will receive an email notifying them that their payslips have been released; however, you are also able to attach the latest payslip as a PDF to each of these emails. This can be set up as follows:

  • Go to Employees > Self-Service > General
  • Tick the Attach payslips to emails on self-service release box.
  • Save