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Billing Details

You are able to enter and update various billing details from the Billing Preferences page, by going to the Profile icon  > Billing > Billing Preferences. This includes selecting who receives billing emails and the information displayed on your invoices. If you have multiple companies on your account,  you can also choose to have separate invoices sent for each of them.

Billing Emails

By default, all full access users will receive billing emails. You can, however, deselect any addresses for users who should not receive these emails. You can also enter additional billing emails to which invoices, statements etc will be sent.

For example, if you have three payroll administrators, they will all receive billing emails by default. Should you wish that only your company’s billing department receive such emails, you can simply deselect all of the administrators’ email addresses and enter the billing department’s address in the Additional billing emails box.

Invoice Information

By default, invoices will be addressed to the company / companies present in your account. You can change this by entering a billing name in the block marked Name of company to invoice.

Please note: the above option is only applicable if one invoice is sent for all companies under the account as billing works on a per client group basis. If each / any of the companies on your account need to be invoiced individually, they will need to be transferred into their own account. Please contact us for assistance with this.

Separate Invoices for Multiple Companies

You can opt to have a separate invoice sent for each of the companies in your profile by ticking the box marked

This option is only currently available for clients on the monthly billing model. Additionally, as mentioned above, if each client needs to receive their own invoice directly, they would need to be moved to an entirely separate account.