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There are three main categories of reports available on SimplePay.


The Reports section in the left-hand menu contains links to pull various reports containing employee and payroll data. We recommend using the Excel format option for these reports.

Only information from finalised payslips will be included in reports. If you would like to pull a report to check that your payslips are correct, you will need to finalise them first; if any changes are required, you can simply unfinalise the relevant payslips.

The following reports are available:

Password Encryption

An additional and optional layer of security can be enabled for reports that may contain sensitive information.

To enable password protection, go to Settings > Advanced > General

  • Tick the checkbox Enable password protection for reports
  • Enter a unique password into the Report password field
  • Click Save
  • Go to Reports on the sidebar menu and create a report.
  • Create the report as normal
  • The Report-Specific Settings field will appear
  • Tick the Password protect this report download checkbox and download the report in the relevant file format
  • Ensure to select the Password protect this report download checkbox for each individual report created, should the report require encryption

A password-protected report will require the created password to be entered when opening the file. Password encryption will apply to all downloaded report formats including, ZIP, PDF, and Excel.

Please note: The same password saved in General settings will remain the password for all reports generated on SimplePay unless changed or updated. You can change and update this password at any time. If the password is changed, this will only affect new reports that are generated – reports that were previously downloaded will still make use of the old password.


The Filing section in the left-hand menu contains reports necessary for monthly filing as well a link to the documents necessary for annual filing. 

Pay Runs

Some reports are specific to a pay run and only become available once it’s been created. This includes a breakdown of payments to be made and, importantly, an accounting report to help you do your books. Please see the following article for more information on these aspects:

Each report is covered in the below pages:

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