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Bulk Inputs

Most information that can be captured individually can also be captured in bulk using the bulk input options. These options still require you to enter the information manually, but you are able to do so for all employees on a single screen rather than having to scroll through each of their profiles.

You can capture information in bulk by going to Employees > Bulk Actions and selecting the relevant input from the list.

Please note: Even though the information needs to be entered manually, you will have the option to copy down the first value of certain columns by clicking on the column heading and then clicking on Copy first value down. The first value in this column will then be copied down for the whole column. This functionality is available for columns containing information that is likely to be the same for many employees such as Payment Method. However, it is not available for columns containing unique information such as Email.

Payroll Inputs

Payslip Inputs are those items that are periodic or specific to a particular payslip. These inputs can be used to capture employees’ hours worked for a period, add once-off items to particular payslips and / or enter periodic inputs for regular items. The bulk input screen will default to regular payslips. If you wish to add the Payroll Inputs to once-off payslips, click on Switch to once-off payslips in the Filters section before adding the item to the payslip.

Regular Inputs are those items that relate to all payslips, such as the Basic Salary. These inputs can be used to add regular items to employees’ payslips as well as to set up the employees’ regular hours. There is no Switch to once-off payslips option here, since once-off payslips are only used to capture irregular payslip items.

For either of the above inputs, select the relevant options from the drop down menu in the Filters section and capture the information. Certain items require you to select the Add option before being able to enter the information.

Informational Inputs

The options under this heading allow you to capture the various aspects of your employees’ Basic Info section. To add / enter all of this information on one screen, click Essentials and then select “All” from the third drop-down menu.

You can also add employees in bulk here by clicking the Add Row button (next to the Export to Excel button just below the Filters drop-down menus).

All of this information can also be added by using our Excel template. Click Export to Excel and import the changes on the template using the “Import from Excel” dropdown option. More information can be found in the following articles:

Please note: The one exception here is the Pay Frequency. You can add this information individually or using the Bulk Actions functionality, but you cannot import pay frequencies using an Excel template.

Take-On Tax Totals

Employees’ year to date totals can be manually captured as take-on balances by entering the relevant amounts in the corresponding columns. For more information on these balances, as well as adding them to the system, please see the following article:

Leave Take-Ons

You have the option to enter leave take-on balances if you previously used another payroll system. Alternatively, you could use this “take-on” functionality if you want to enter leave balances as at a particular date. More information about how to add leave take-on balances can be found in the following article:

Payslip Dates

You have the option to change payslip end dates and payment dates for employees in bulk. More information about this is available in this article:

Custom Bulk Inputs

You have the option to define your own bulk input page that includes the information you want to edit in bulk. More information about Custom Bulk Inputs can be found in the below article: