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Take-On Balances

Take-on balances can only be entered for employees whose appointment date does not fall within your first payroll period and where this period is not the first one of the tax year (i.e in January). Entering these balances allows SimplePay to generate IR8As for your employees.

Adding Take-On Balances

Take-ons can be added / edited individually for each employee as follows:

  • Go to the employee’s profile and click on Edit InfoTake-On Balances.
  • Complete the information about Ordinary Wages (OW) and Additional Wages (AW).
  • Enter the relevant totals in the boxes for the corresponding descriptions.
  • Click Save.

Take-on balances for ordinary wages relating to a prior year are only necessary if you wish to use these figures in the calculation of the AW ceiling that gets used in determining the CPF due each month. More information about this is available at:

Payroll Concepts > Statutory Deductions and Contributions > CPF

Adding Take-On Balances in Bulk

Take-ons can also be entered in bulk by going to Employees > Bulk Actions > Take-On Tax Totals and entering the relevant totals for each employee in the corresponding columns.

OW and AW information cannot be entered this way currently and will need to be captured individually as indicated above, if necessary.

These balances can also be uploaded using an Excel template, which can be downloaded from this page. This is discussed in greater detail in the following article: