Self-Service Admin > Requests > Employee Claim Requests

Employee claim requests allow employees to submit inputs for certain payslip items (such as expense claims or hours worked for hourly paid employees), which can then be approved by a selected approver and automatically added to the employee’s next draft payslip.

The following requirements need to be met in order to use this feature:

  • The feature must be enabled for your profile
  • The employee must be enabled for self-service
  • The claim types must be enabled
  • Approval groups must be set up

Once these requirements are met, the employee will be able to submit requests and the approver can approve the requests.

Each of these components are outlined below.

Enabling the Feature

This is an opt-in feature (for now), and as such, it must be requested from our Customer Support team. There is no additional charge for this feature.

Enabling Self-Service

An employee must have a self-service account to be able to submit claims. Self-service accounts can be set up using the steps outlined on the following help page:

Self-Service Admin > General Setup > Enabling Self-Service

Enabling Claim Types

The payroll administrator must specify which claims can be submitted by employees. To do this:

  • Go to Employees > Self-Service > Settings > Claim Requests
  • Click Add Claim Type
  • Select the item that you wish to enable and click on Enable Claim Type
  • Continue the above process until you have added all the claim types that you wish to allow for employees

Note: If you wish to use a custom item, the custom item will need to be set up first before it can be enabled for self-service. This process is outlined in the following help article:

Payroll Setup > Company Setup > Custom Items

To disable a claim type:

  • Go to Employees > Self-Service > Settings > Claim Requests
  • Click on the claim type that you wish to disable
  • Click Disable Claim Type

Approval Groups Setup

Approval groups are used to indicate who can submit and approve requests. Approval groups can be set up using the steps outlined on the following help page:

Self-Service Admin > Requests > Approval Structure Setup

Submitting Claim Requests

Employees can submit requests using the following help page which is available to self-service users:

Employee Self-Service > Requests > Claim Requests

Approving / Denying Claim Requests

The following help article provides information on approving / denying requests:

Self-Service Admin > Requests > Actioning Employee Requests

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