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Excel Import for Employee Details

If you have a large number of employees to add to the system, you may wish to do this in bulk. This can be done using our Excel import function by going to Employees > Bulk Actions > Bulk Add Employees and downloading the template, which can be uploaded again from this screen. This template can be used to add your first employees, update existing employees or add additional employees at a later stage:

  • Adding employees initially – if you have no employees on the system, the template you download will be blank, except for the necessary headings and information required by the system. Simply complete the relevant information in the respective columns and save the file.
  • Updating existing employees – if you have already added employees, the template will contain all of their information. You can simply edit the necessary aspects for each employee and save the file.
  • Please note: Employee numbers in this sheet cannot be changed when uploading your updated excel file.
  • Adding additional employees – if you have already added employees and wish to add more, you can simply add their information in the rows below the existing employees’ information.
  • Please note: If you decide to remove the information relating to any existing employees from the Excel file, please ensure that the new employees do not have the same employee numbers as your existing ones as this will cause your existing employee data to be overwritten.

In each of the above cases, the completed Excel file can be uploaded by returning to the page where you downloaded it. Once you have uploaded the template, verify the information and click Save.

Employee information can also be manually added or updated in bulk using our bulk input option, which is discussed in detail in the following article:

Important Notes

  • Only use an import file that was originally downloaded from the page above
  • Do not alter the structure of the spreadsheet at all when completing it – i.e. do not edit / add / remove / rearrange any rows or columns
  • The file must be saved in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) format