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Deleting Leave

The ability to delete leave that was previously recorded or approved depends on whether the payslip for the period when the leave dates occurred is a draft or is finalised:

  • Draft payslip: all leave dates can be deleted.
  • Finalised payslip: only leave dates that do not impact net pay can be deleted

Example: An employee who receives a fixed salary took a day of unpaid leave, which was deducted from their remuneration. If the payslip is finalised, the day of unpaid leave cannot be deleted, since the assumption is that the employee could have already been paid the reduced pay.

Leave can be deleted in two ways, depending on the permission role that you are assigned:

Deleting the Employee’s Leave Request

Any leave approver can delete an employee’s leave request, by clicking on Approval on the sidebar menu, navigating to the leave request and clicking on Delete next to the request.

Clicking on Delete will take you to an additional screen, similar to the following:

The Dates Affecting Pay section indicates which of the leave days that form part of the request cannot be deleted, as they are part of a finalised payslip and the leave impacts the nett pay on that payslip.

If the leave approver also has full access or leave admin permissions, clicking on the date under the Finalised Payslip Date will open the payslip, where one can see how the leave impacted the nett pay.

The leave dates that appear in the Dates Not Affecting Pay section can be deleted by clicking on Delete Request:

  • If the checkbox Retain these leave dates? is selected when clicking Delete Request, then only the leave request will be deleted. However, the days will remain recorded in the leave calendar and the leave balance will remain as is.
  • If Retain these leave dates? is unchecked when clicking Delete Request, then the leave request will be deleted and the leave days that form part of the request will be deleted from the calendar and added back to the leave balance for that leave type.

Removing Leave Days Recorded

To remove the leave dates previously recorded:

  • Go to the employee’s profile
  • Click on Leave > Record Leave
  • Use the leave calendar to navigate to the leave that you wish to remove and click on any of the leave days that form part of that leave grouping*
  • Click on Remove Dates > Save

*If you recorded a group of 4 leave days initially and now click Remove Dates, it will delete the entire grouping of 4 days. Therefore, if you only wish to cancel 1 day, you will first have to delete the entire grouping and then re-record the 3 leave days that were actually taken.