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Email Tax Certificates

Note: The terms ‘tax certificates’ and ‘IR8As’ are used interchangeably in this article.

Enable tax certificates option for employee self-service

Once you have enabled your employees for self-service, they will be able to log in and view their tax certificates online if you have activated this function. To do this:

  • Go to Employees > Self-Service > Settings > General
  • Click the checkbox Allow tax certificates to be released to self-service. This activates the self-service tax certificates function. They can then log in to self-service to view their IR8A.
  • Unless otherwise indicated on release, employees will receive an email notifying them when their tax certificates are released. You are also able to attach the latest tax certificate as a PDF to these emails, by clicking on Attach certificates when notifying employees of release via email, which appears after enabling the self-service tax certificates function above.

Release tax certificates to self-service

Once employees have been set up for self-service with the tax certificates function enabled, you can release their tax certificates (IR8As) to self-service. To do this:

  • Go to Filing > IRAS Filing (IR8A etc.)
  • Click on Release to Self-Service. Please note, this option will not appear if the tax certificates function is not enabled (see above).
  • Select the correct filing season.
  • You can choose to release all unreleased IR8As, or only those for selected employees.
  • You can opt out of notifying the employees by email when these tax certificates are released.
  • Click Confirm.